Tarot by David Hand
Tarot by David Hand



The Tarot is an ancient spiritual tool that connects with and reads a person's life energy at a particular moment in time. The Tarot accesses the energies at work within you and around you, offering you unique insights and illumination into your life situations and your problems and concerns.


Within a Tarot reading, the cards reveal how the energies of your past are affecting your present and how your motivations are shaping your future. The cards speak of the obstacles you might be facing in your life and the ways in which you might be holding yourself back. The Tarot can highlight negative behaviour patterns and other destructive forces in your life that may be having a huge impact on your peace of mind and stopping you from reaching your full potential. Within each and every reading I see and feel the spirit of the Tarot move through the cards to reveal the truths each client needs to make a decision or transform a situation.


Can the Tarot predict the future? Yes it can ~ and very effectively! But my readings are not fortune telling. The future isn't always carved in stone and, if you are open to it, the cards may indicate the changes that need to be made at a particular point in your life, giving you the guidance that you need to transform your future.


Having worked with the amazing energy of the Tarot for many years, there is so much I would like to share with you about its ability to change lives and create shifts, in even the most dire situations. It is a power for good that can empower and heal you if you are open to its energy.


I offer the following range of readings ~ please contact me for availability.

Classic Tarot Reading

My classic tarot reading combines the energy of two comprehensive tarot spreads. We look at the divination of a total of 19 tarot cards which explore recent past, present and at least 12-14 weeks into the future, while also providing essential information about key areas of your life, including work and career, money and finances and love and relationships.


This is by far my most popular reading and the majority of my clients return every 3 months for the next life instalment!


Duration: around 1 hour


Cost: £45


Available by appointment in person at my home, or by phone, Skype and Zoom.

Bespoke Tarot Reading

A bespoke tarot reading explores specific issues and areas of your life in which you’d like clarity and guidance. Popular topics are love and relationships, work and career and moving home, though many clients also use this reading to explore why they are not fulfilling their potential or why they feel trapped in certain cycles of behaviour. In this reading, the client is free to choose the area or areas of their life that they’d like to explore.


Duration: 30 minutes or 1 hour


Cost: £30  (30 minutes)

£45 (1 hour)


Available by appointment in person at my home, or by phone, Skype and Zoom.

Three Card Oracle

Got a choice to make? Need to make a decision? Want to know the probability of something occurring in your life in the near future?  The Three Card Oracle is great at helping you with a straightforward question. This is an email service and I can usually send your reading within 24 hours of receiving and agreeing to your question.  The Oracle is there when you’re deliberating over buying a particular house, wondering if you should go on that second date or what the probability is of changing job or selling your home within the next three months. My aim is that within three cards I can provide you with enough information for to make an informed choice or discover the probability of a particular outcome.


Cost: £30


Available by email only.

Please note: the prices listed above apply to online bank transfers from UK bank accounts only. For international payments using PayPal, an additional £2 is requested to help cover transaction charges. Thank you.

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You can reach David on:

07979 088825


email: david@davidhandhealing.com


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David Hand lives and works on the beautiful South coast of England. His practice is located in the seaside town of Bournemouth.

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