Tarot by David Hand
Tarot by David Hand

Life Guidance

For when the going gets tough....

Combining intuitive guidance with positive life-transforming techniques that truly bring about the shift you need to restore peace and happiness.
No matter what challenges or obstacles you are facing, no matter how big or overwhelming your problems seem to be, I believe that they are an opportunity for you to see the miraculous energy of your own divine presence at work in you right now.
You are the most beautiful, sacred being and you have within you a powerful presence that some have called the power of the ‘spirit’ or the power of the ‘soul’. Regardless of the name you wish to attach to it, this inner presence is the true essence of who you are and it is the life force which can bring about the transformation of your reality. 
No matter how much pain you may be experiencing or how traumatised you feel by what is occurring in your life right now, I believe that it is a gift that could lead to the most incredible shift in your perception. 
However, most of us react to seemingly adverse life changes with fear, stress or depression. We struggle and resist these changes and cling to anything that reminds us of the sense of security we believe we enjoyed before the lightning struck. Why did things have to change? Why do I have to suffer and endure this pain? Why me?
And when our emotional buttons get pushed, we often react with age-old behaviour patterns that were already out of date when we left childhood behind and walked away from the playground. Rather than helping us through the crisis that we are presented with, these negative behaviour patterns often bring out the history of hurt that many of us carry around inside us in, thus increasing our pain and anxiety and making the situation far worse.
Instead of greeting change as the opportunity for personal evolution that it truly is, we suffocate its energy with the force of our egos.
My work as your life guide is to help you become aware of your inner presence. Using conscious awareness, spiritual energy and meditation techniques, we will create the right environment and spiritual approach to work with the energy of your life changes. As the inner stillness and peace of our work together increases, you will feel the power of your inner presence grow and, with it, you will see how the challenges you face begin to reveal the transformation of your being. Whatever you originally took to be a devastating blow of misfortune can transform into a wonderful spiritual adventure. All you have to do is be open to the gift you have been handed...even though it may not look like any kind of gift you’d want to receive right now. Trust me, it can turn out to be just what you need.

Life Guide sessions are available face-to-face or by phone. Each session lasts approximately one hour and is completely confidential. Appointments are available during daytime hours, evenings and weekends by prior arrangement. Please contact me for further information.


Cost: £45

Please note: the price listed above applies to online bank transfers from UK bank accounts only. For international payments using PayPal, an additional £2 is requested to help cover transaction charges. Thank you.

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David Hand lives and works on the beautiful South coast of England. His practice is located in the seaside town of Bournemouth.

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