David Hand
David Hand


Meditation quiets and stills your mind.
It helps to relax you, calm you and free you from anxiety and tension.
Meditation helps you break the cycle of repetitive thoughts and negative feelings that prevent you from having a fulfilled and happy life.
It is a journey towards inner stillness and peace that allows the real you to be nurtured.
Meditation opens your energy, releasing its vital, inner flow to aid good health, inner strength, clarity and a positive outlook.
Its greatest gift is the freedom to enjoy and appreciate the present moment without the shackles of the past and the demands of the future.
Meditation can take you into the depths of your inner being in which you begin to feel the power and peace of your inner presence. With practice, this becomes your doorway to personal transformation.
David has been teaching meditation for twelve years, both as a one-to-one therapy and facilitating meditation circles and groups. He firmly believes that meditation practise can aid in healing the mind, emotions and physical body.

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David Hand lives and works on the beautiful South coast of England. His practice is located in the seaside town of Bournemouth.

David Hand is an holistic healer,spiritual teacher and meditation teacher. In addition to one-to-one therapy sessions, he teaches life guidance and meditation to groups in the local area. He is a popular public speaker as his work is his passion.

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