The Healing Session

Healing sessions are approximately one and half hours and are never hurried. The healing takes place in a warm, safe environment in which a loving, spiritual space has been created. The session always starts with discussing the challenges and issues that might be affecting the client’s health and well-being at this time. Talking about the issues is very important to the healing because, as the client talks, the issues reveal themselves within the client's energy field and can be released during the healing session. 
The client is then invited to lie on the treatment couch and I guide them through a short meditation focussing on the flow of the breath to relax the body and open the energy field.  The hands-on healing then commences intuitively. The client remains fully clothed throughout and contact with the body is made with the hands resting on specific energy points.
The majority of my clients experience energy sensations and feelings during the healing. Many report feeling the energy flow through various parts of their bodies with sensations of heat, tingling and "fizzing". Other clients feel an inner spaciousness, lightness and peace. Some tell me that they can feel and experience blockages being removed from their energy fields, while a lot of clients have reported that they have seen flashes and clouds of bright colour during the session even though their eyes were closed. I believe our brains sense the flow of the healing energy and translate the experience into coloured light. 
Over the past twenty years, numerous clients have stated how they have felt a comforting and loving healing presence surround them during the healing. I cannot comment on this as each healing is the client’s own intimate experience according to their spiritual awareness. However, I am delighted that the presence felt by clients brings them great peace, reassurance and inner knowing.
Healing is open to adults and children. Children and young adults under 18 years of age must be accompanied at all times, and parents are asked to remain in the room throughout the healing session. I don’t expect children to lie still with their eyes closed for the whole session and we often chat and laugh our way through the healing. Children are very good at feeling energy flow and they often enjoy telling me where they can feel the energy and what sensations they are experiencing. 
Healing is empowering and my only role is in connecting you with your limitless self-healing powers. Therefore, I never stipulate how many sessions you require for your healing process. That is completely your choice. Some clients may only require one session, while others may need a series of sessions. I am here to join you on your healing journey for as long as you need a guide.


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David Hand lives and works on the beautiful South coast of England. His practice is located in the seaside town of Bournemouth.

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