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I am a hands-on healer with twenty years of experience. Healing is my gift and I delight in my work. Healing is dynamic and transformational. It empowers the client to make good, necessary changes in their lives.


I’m an intuitive healer and I see and sense you as a complex energy field through which I am guided. Each energy field is as unique as the person and beautifully complex and dynamic. Within the human energy field are seven major energy centres known as "chakra", which generate the power we require for good health and mental and emotional well-being. Many of us are unaware of how vital a role the chakra system plays in aiding us to have a positive and fulfilling life. Unfortunately, illness, stress, accidents, life challenges and negative behaviour patterns can have a very detrimental effect on the chakra system leading to imbalances that may prevent the energy field healing itself. Clearing obstructions and restoring the balance of this subtle energy field promotes physical, mental and emotional good health.


During the healing session, I sense how well the energy centres are functioning and how vital, balanced and healthy your aura is. I am guided to blockages, holes, tears and malfunctions within your energy field that may be causing illness, or emotional or mental imbalances within you. I am guided to channel energy through my hands to remove the imbalances and repair the auric field. I then channel healing into the area. I also energise your chakra system in order to “kick-start” your own self-healing processes.


Healing works on many levels, and I have been privileged to witness this time and again over the years.  The experience is always empowering for the client. Healing restores your own exceptional self-healing ability that has limitless potential. Healing energy works at creating balance and well-being, and, from this place, one may attain a feeling of calm and inner peace.


Very often there are behaviour patterns and specific mind-sets that can prove to be a great obstacle to the healing process. That is why there is always an opportunity for us to talk before the hands-on healing commences. During this time we may identify issues that might be resisting your healing process so that we can work on these issues together. My form of healing is not a passive therapy. I firmly believe that healing always empowers the client to greater awareness of his/her own powerful inner presence as well as the strength and enthusiasm to make the necessary life changes that will lead to a happier and more fulfilling life. This can be challenging but healing is a catalytic power that confronts the negative and destructive elements within you and your life. Every healing process requires an inner journey of discovery.


Please contact me if you require any further information about my form of hands-on healing or if you wish to make an appointment.


Healing is a complementary therapy and can be used in conjunction with other treatments and therapies. I always advise clients to consult their G.P. or doctor about health problems before consulting me and to continue with any treatment or medication their medical practitioner has prescribed for them. Please inform your G.P. that you are or about to receive healing so that your progress can be monitored.


Session time: 90 mins

Cost: £50


The Healing Session ~

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The Healing Session

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David Hand lives and works on the beautiful South coast of England. His practice is located in the seaside town of Bournemouth.

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